The simple, flexible and affordable business phone system

You know that at the heart of every business lies the ability to communicate effectively. Whether you are prospecting leads, making sales, helping your customers or setting up partnerships– we spend hours on phones every week.

When it comes to your office phones, the biggest problem with installing a traditional phone system is the lump of iron on the wall that you have to buy, manage and maintain. Upgrades are expensive, and getting technicians in to fix problems is a nightmare.

Smart businesses are opting in for a complete solution from one provider, managed end-to-end. Most businesses save from 30-50% over traditional phone costs.

Hosted telephony brings you all the cost savings of cloud computing, and we make the transition seamless. You can even bring your current phone numbers with you.

WSI Enterprise offers your business:

  • Phones that can be deployed in minutes. Additional phones are a snap.
  • Only pay for features and phones you need.
  • Use your existing cabling to make the most of your investment
  • Intuitive and easy to use the system.
  • You work with just one company, instead of two or three.
  • An integrated system that allows you to work from home or abroad.
  • Phones can be linked to third party applications such as your CRM.
  • Manage your calls with real-time online call reporting.

Business VoIP Feature Details

  • Fast Deployment

Have a new hire or a contractor? New phone extensions can quickly be deployed remotely, allowing you to scale up or down with your team.

  • Stop wasting money

VoIP is so simple to configure, you only pay for what you need. Once set up, overheads are minimal.

  • Call Reporting

As a small business, you want the highest ROI from your marketing campaigns. We offer dedicated phone numbers to measure the return on investment of all of your marketing campaigns!

  • Minimal Training

Our Business VoIP systems are easy to use and come with all the documentation you need to get moving quickly.

  • One Point of Contact

Have you ever called a provider, only for them to tell you that the issue is somebody else’s responsibility? We really hate that. By choosing Greenlight, a dedicated account manager will support your business with any issues or requests.

  • Work Anywhere

Our handsets are configured to work from any location. Want to work from home or abroad? Welcome to your ‘virtual office’!

  • CRM Integration

We can integrate Business VoIP with most Customer Relationship Management software for a one-off integration fee.

WSI Enterprise is your trusted customer service organization that happens to be fantastic at resolving technology issues. Contact us at +1 (713) 370 3159 or email us at now.