Virtualization Lets You Do More With Less

Is technology taking over your office?
Do you wish you could implement new technologies but don’t have space?
Virtualization may be just what your business needs.

Think of virtualization as carpooling– rather than having one physical server for each service your business needs, virtualization enables you to leverage a single server for multiple purposes.

Common tasks for your servers could include:

  1. Microsoft Exchange Servers
  2. Web Servers
  3. Terminal Servers
  4. Database Servers
  5. What virtualization offers your business:

Fast application performance – virtualization lets you do more with less. Using dynamic load balancing, each server is used to its maximum capacity. The days of “one box per service” are over, freeing up more space for another desk– or a tire swing.

More cash flow, smaller bills – using a technology called rapid provisioning, the turnaround time and cost to set up new servers for your business is minimal. That means more cash flow for your business and smaller utility bills.

Reduce your risk – virtualization greatly reduces the risk of data loss, and makes getting back on track after a disaster much more simple, with our simplified recovery solutions.

The best part is that it is invisible to the user, with zero disruptions.

Our virtual solutions allow better management of pooled resources by your technical team, and the latest technology without the need for more equipment.

The inefficient days of “one box per service” are over– freeing up more space for another desk, or a tire swing.

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