Over the years, we’ve found there’s no single combination of server and storage technologies that fit all clients. Everyone one has unique requirements for computing, reliability, backups and consolidation.


Leverage our Solution Architects and dedicated project team to deploy and manage a server and storage infrastructure mix that suits all your needs. Our Senior Design Technicians all have many years experience and are taught to look for every opportunity for savings, flexibility, server performance and power reduction.

Solutions design – working to your requirements for capacity, compute, storage, security, active directory and more, we take care of server and operating system architecture design. Everything gets consideration, from storage elements including switches, directors and routers through to partitioning, backup, archiving and retrieval – even clustering.
Server setup and management – we procure and configure the appropriate solution of servers, SANs and NAS including hardware, firmware, system virtualization and server storage technology.
Make best of the investment you’ve already made in IT – we look at what can be virtualised or enhanced effectively to minimise replacement and rollover of servers and operating systems.
Server virtualisation –  our engineers and technicians are certified in many virtualisation technologies and particularly experienced in deploying and supporting  Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXvirtualizationn solutions.


What are our responsibilities?

  • Recommends & integrate hardware/software in the server & storage environment
  • Provides support for the data center/distributed computing environment including server virtualization
  • Ensures that all major changes are reviewed & approved by appropriate management before resources are committed – this includes scheduling reviews with management & appropriate personnel to review the effects on the business process
  • Responsible for documentation of the computing environment
  • Responsible for all activities relating to problem reporting & change control for assigned projects
  • Ensures that all components within the computing infrastructure have proper backup & that the proper hardware & software is installed to provide the level of service required
  • Assists with the coordination/management of vendors who are contracted for service relating to the computing environment
  • Researches new technology systems & recommends appropriate findings to management
  • Provides general support for systems & services related to server, storage, or Citrix infrastructure