CCTV & Camera Systems

Cameras are the fastest developing product in the security industry with an offering to the marketplace at an affordable price for both residential & commercial customers.

IP Series’ of cameras both live and recorded provide footage that is clear and precise. Accessibility of footage has never been easier and can be viewed from smartphones, tablets & PCs basically wherever an internet connection is available.

CCTV camera systems are used for many purposes other than property protection.

• Home pool safety – Wi-Fi your camera to your tablet or smart TV
• Workplace theft. Who’s watching your Cash registers?
• Shop counters. How do you know if a customer is at the counter?
• Integration to security alarm systems and or access control.
• Workplace safety- Have Cameras record areas where safety may be an issue or monitor staff actions and compliances.

Benefits of Having a CCTV Camera System Installed at Your Home or Your Business

Crime Prevention

Just the presence of a CCTV camera outside and/or inside your home prevents criminal-minded people from thinking of invading your home. And we all know prevention is better than cure.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring

If you have the right security systems provider, your home will be monitored 24/7 by effectively placed cameras to ensure your family and your property is safe from criminals.

Prosecution Evidence

Due to advancements in technology CCTV footage became one of the best components of criminal arrests and prosecutions.

Why Choose Steady State Solutions for Your CCTV Needs?

Steady State Solutions only recommends & uses high quality equipment to enforce maximum safety for our clients.

High Quality, Affordable Price

We offer high-quality CCTV camera systems at affordable prices.

Hassle Free Process

The only action you need to perform is to contact us and we will do the rest.

Tailored Services

We offer customized services to fit your needs & your budget.

Our CCTV Cameras

We install CCTV cameras depending on your needs and your budget. Here are the types of CCTV cameras to help you decide

Wired CCTV Camera

Less expensive & doesn’t affect network speed but can’t be moved easily.

Wireless CCTV Camera

Easy & flexible placement & replacement but prone to radio interference. May also affect network speeds

Indoor CCTV Camera

Good for indoor conditions & less expensive. Usually, indoor CCTV cameras are lightweight & less intrusive.

Outdoor CCTV Camera

Good for outdoor conditions. Usually weatherproof, high ISO and has a higher capability of vision on any lighting conditions. But outdoor CCTV cameras are usually more expensive.

CCTV Camera Features & Types

CCTV Camera features vary depending on your budget and your requirements. Here are some of the available features of our wide array of CCTV Cameras.

High Definition Resolution CCTV Camera Feature

HD CCTV Cameras are equipped with clear & high-quality video recording.

Standard Definition Resolution CCTV Camera Feature

Standard definition CCTV cameras are more affordable compared to HD CCTVs while still offering good quality video recording.

Fixed CCTV Camera Feature

A fixed or point CCTV camera is an affordable option compared to a PTZ Camera but it only focuses on a fixed angle or view.

PTZ CCTV Camera Feature

A point, tilt & zoom or a PTZ CCTV Camera has the capability to move its sight from left to right, from upwards to downwards. The camera can be controlled by either a software or a hardware joystick.

Infrared CCTV Camera Feature

This feature enables the camera to improve its sight at poor lighting conditions or at night.

Motion Detection CCTV Camera Feature

This feature enables the camera to shut off until it detects a movement. This feature helps save electricity & hard drive space.

More Features

P2P Technology, Cloud access, Email Notification, Smart Phone Access & Recording, Digital Audio, Wide Angle Capacity, High Zoom Capacity, Compression Technologies & a lot more…